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The Cheeky Crow - Le corbeau taquin (MP3 audiobooks)

The Cheeky Crow - Le corbeau taquin.  This is the audio book of the first of the Cheeky Crow books.  We learn about colours as the Cheeky Crow flies around Paris, causing havoc and getting himself covered in all sorts of colours: white from the bakery, orange from a pumpkin in a school canteen and yellow from sweets in the sweetshop.  He goes too far when he breaks into the restaurant at the top of the Eifel Tower and the local pigeons decide it's time for the Cheeky Crow to leave town!  Diving into the Seine, all of the colours wash away like a rainbow... leaving him free to fly quickly back to his nest in the countryside.  You get two files; the story in English and in French.


Read by India Mouse

The Cheeky Crow - Le corbeau taquin (MP3 audiobooks)

2,20 €Price
  • You will instantly receive a zipped file which contains two MP3 audiofiles.  One is the story read in English and the other is the story in French.  They are read by India Mouse, who has lived in France, Germany and England.    

  • Buy the bilingual book here

    Buy the MP3 of the accompanying song here

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