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My Family - Ma famille (MP3 audiobooks)

My Family - Ma famille.  We learn about families with Adele and her school friends as they work on a school project.  They realise that they all have different family trees - some are very simple, and some are extremely complicated!   Vocabulary covers aunties, uncles, cousins and even great-grandparents. The childen love to hear about Doris who was born before television and when people travelled by horse and cart.  In their school presentation at the end, they conclude that all families, and people, are different but they are all very precious.  You get two files; the story in English and in French.


Read by Gassy Traore.

My Family - Ma famille (MP3 audiobooks)

2,20 €Price
  • You will instantly receive a zipped file which contains two MP3 audiofiles.  One is the story read in English and the other is the story in French.  They are read by Gassy, who has lived in France and England.    

  • Buy the bilingual book here

    Buy the MP3 of the accompanying song here

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